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Research On Public Service Ability Promotion Suggestions Of Town Government In The Xinfengjiang Area

Posted on:2018-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518982754Subject:Public administration
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Town government, it occupies an important position in the administrative system of our country, related to the people directly. It’s the key enforcer of the central government order. In the context of service-oriented government construction, the level of public service of town government, directly related to the public recognition of the government,related to the harmony and stability of the grass-roots society, even related to the sustainable development of economic society. Therefore,establishing a system and thorough public service system is vital to satisfy the growing public service needs of the people. And it’s the necessary approach for building a satisfactory service-oriented government.This article is based on the public service capacity of town government in the Xinfengjiang area as the research object. Through the questionnaire survey and interview survey, and the research on relevant literature about the public service of town government, analyzing the present situation and the main problem of public Service supply of the town government in the Xinfengjiang area. Then studying the cause of the problem from the limitation of government revenue, the lack of reasonable performance management and assessment mechanism, the lack of functionaries’ service concept and improvement power, the faultiness of people’s demand expression mechanism, and the lack of innovation consciousness on public service supply.Finally, Putting forward the suggestions on how to effectively improve the public service capacity of the town government in Xinfengjiang area. These include the following five aspects: Firstly, strengthen the financial security of public service supply.Secondly, improve the assessment mechanism for public services supply. Thirdly,improve the functionaries’ quality of town government. Fourthly, open channels of public expression of public service. Fifthly, promote innovative development of public service supply. It provides some theoretical support and practical reference for improving the public service ability and level effectively, increasing the people’s satisfaction of the town government in the Xinfengjiang area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Xinfengjiang area, Town government, Public service, Public service ability, Crowd’s satisfaction
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