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The Role Of Government In The Industrial Clusters In Industrial Parks

Posted on:2018-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the economy, all over and across the country have been developing more and more various industrial parks. The park economy has become a new growth point of regional economy and an important growth pole of regional economy In the new situation, China's industrial park is gradually moving in the direction of industrial clusters. Industrial clusters can provide a new perspective for the development of industrial parks. As the industrial park is the product of the "policy" , the government has become the main driving force for the industrial cluster industrial cluster, and according to the unique national conditions, it also determines that the industrial cluster development of the industrial park must be combined with the government role. However, due to the lack of sufficient theoretical experience and practical experience, our government in the promotion of industrial park industrial cluster development process inevitably there are some problems. To this end, we must combine the actual situation, do a good job for the park industrial cluster development of the overall planning to help industrial clusters in the steady growth of industrial clusters.Based on the theoretical analysis of the relationship between industrial park and industrial cluster, this paper puts forward the necessity and intelligent positioning of the industrial cluster into the industrial park and puts forward the role of the government from the industrial cluster and the industrial park. Finally,the present situation of industrial cluster development in Tianqu Industrial Park of Dezhou City is analyzed, and some suggestions are put forward to improve the local government policy.The conclusion of the paper is based on the study of the government and the market of the two "invisible hand" on the economic development of the regulatory role on the basis of the industrial park in the industrial cluster development process, the government should be more as a macro-control To identify their own positioning for the healthy development of the market to provide the necessary guidance and thoughtful service, to promote the market in the allocation of resources play a decisive role. That is, to identify the best combination of market functions and government behavior, and effectively give full play to the advantages of the market and the government, to better reflect the characteristics and advantages of the socialist market economic system, and strive to form a market role and the role of government organic unity ,Complement each other, mutual coordination, mutual promotion of the pattern.
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