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A Study On The Difficulties And Solutions Of Grassroots Leading Cadres’ Communication

Posted on:2018-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518984911Subject:Public Management
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Leading cadres exchange is an important part of the cadre and personnel reform in our country.It has important significance to develop the grassroots cadres and personnel management more scientific and standardized by promoting the effective development communication.The report of the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China calls for "deepening the reform of the cadre and personnel system and building a high-quality ruling backbone team".And actively carrying out the work of grassroots leading cadres can effectively train and exercise leading cadres,and promote the flew of cadres and personnel more orderly,improve the overall quality of the leading cadres and work efficiency.From 1942,the CPC Central Committee for the first time proposed that the cadres should properly communicate.By 2014 the central government promulgated the "Party and government leading cadres selection and appointment of work regulations" reaffirmed the implementation of party and government leading cadres exchange system,so far the party and government leading cadres exchange system has run more than seventy years.After several years of brewing and piloting,the basic system of party and government leading cadres has gradually entered a period of consolidation and stability.However,through this survey,there are still flowing on the surface,a single way of communication,communication process is not standardized and other undesirable phenomena during the grassroots leading cadres exchange system in the implementation process,which hindered the implementation of the leading cadres of the original system of communication to a great extent.Therefore,this article mainly analyzes the problems existing in the communication system of leading cadres,analyzes the causes of the above phenomena in depth,and expounds the relevant change measures that can be adopted.The article closely around the logic of "what is it” “why does it occur” And “how to administrate" to deduce.Through the study of a large number of literatures and related documents,this paper uses the methods of literature research,empirical research and questionnaire survey,and starts from the research background and research significance of leading cadres exchange system.And then,this paper defines the relevant concepts of grassroots leading cadres and cadres exchanges,and analyzes the practical functions of the leading cadres exchange system based on the theory of field theory,career life theory and career theory.On this basis,the paper takes the C city as an example,through the statistical analysis of the data,this paper expounds the predicament of the C-level and county-level cadres communication and the causes.Finally,in view of the existing problems and causes,the author puts forward the general idea of how to improve the communication system of the C-level and county-level leading cadres,and puts forward the general idea.The improvement of the C city and county is the four aspects of the legal level: the ideological level,the technical level and the institutional level Opinions and Suggestions on Leading Cadre Exchange System.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grassroots Leading cadres, Exchange dilemma, Resolve countermeasures
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