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Research On Protection Of The Ecological Rights And Interests Of Rural Left-behind Women In The Process Of Urban And Rural Integration

Posted on:2018-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518991660Subject:Marxist theory
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With the appearance of a large number of rural-urban male migrants,a special group of left-behind women has formed in the rural area. Due to the absence of the husband at home, left-behind wives become the main undertaker of agricultural production and life affairs, with great physiological and psychological pressure. At present, the deterioration of rural ecological environment adds more severe damage to these overburdened women, whose ecological rights and interests are damaged,which has directly affected their health, and seriously hindered the new rural construction and development of the socialism in the long run. As the subject of protection for ecological rights and interests and the main force of the new rural construction of the socialism, these left-behind women hold great ability and value that are ignored by society and even their own due to many factors. As the only way and the ultimate goal of balance of urban and rural development as well as reduction of gap between urban and rural areas in our country, the urban and rural integration can break traditional urbanization development disadvantages,and enhance social concern and attention to ecological rights and interests of left-behind women, which is the precondition and foundation to guarantee ecological rights and interests of left-behind women.This paper based on the Marxism Theory , with the help of documentary research, questionnaire survey ,depth interviews, and system analysis. It studies the ecological rights and interests of rural left-behind women in the situation of urban and rural integration. The study found that the promotion of the urban and rural integration is conductive to awaken the subject consciousness of rural left-behind women, improve the rural ecological environment, and guarantee the ecological rights and interests of left-behind women. At the same time,the enhancement of security work of the ecological rights and interests of left-behind women is conductive to promote the new rural construction of the socialism, new urbanization construction, and urban and rural integration.In the current countryside, there is the serious living garbage pollution, escalating non-point source pollution and continued industrial pollution in the rural area, and the transfer of urban garbage and polluting enterprises has become a new pollution source in the rural area, which causes a serious influence on production and living of left-behind women.At present, the rural left-behind women’s awareness of ecological rights is mainly reflect on these aspects:rural left-behind women’s ecological awareness has improved, but still lack of overall understanding of the rural environment; they maintain a strong sense of ecological interests, but lack of proactive and effective measures; they believe that the main difficulty comes from the government, enterprises and individuals three levels. In the practice on rights protection, reflecting the problem to the village committee is the main way to protect the ecological interests of the left-behind women, but their measures are more passive and passive. The reason is the restriction of the urban-rural dual structure, imperfection of the legal system of environmental protection,limitation from left-behind women conditions, etc. Therefore, the need for further innovation in the form of ecological education of left-behind women, strengthen the building of rural grassroots government functions,improve the institutional system of rural environment, optimizing the ecological environment in rural areas access to information channels.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban and rural integration, rural left-behind women, ecological rights and interests, rural ecological environment
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