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Study On The Relocation Speed And Satisfaction Of Farmers In The "Linkage Between Urban-land Taking And Rural-land Giving" (LUTRG) Project

Posted on:2018-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330518992317Subject:Physical geography
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Urban and rural construction land use is an important means to optimize the allocation of land and resources in China.However,the current operation of the project is still the lack of protection of farmers’ interests,the slow progress of the project and many other issues,the existence of these problems to the social development has brought a lot of negative effects.In this paper,the state of the village of Zezhou County as a research area,the first of the progress of the farmers and the satisfaction of the basic situation to do a descriptive analysis.And then use the Logistic regression model to analyze the influencing factors of the relocation behavior of the farmers in order to provide reference for the future development of the linked projects.Specific conclusions are as follows:(1)From the perspective of the relocation of farmers,according to the binary logistic regression analysis can be drawn: housing prices,compensation issues,the number of housing,the region,children marriages,cultural level,living security,medical conditions,Cadre of the nine influencing factors have a significant impact on whether the relocation.Among them,the housing price,relocation compensation,the number of housing these three are the negative effects of the relocation;and cultural level,children marry and medical treatment of these three is to attract farmers to move an important factor.Compared to the family without the party members of the farmers,farmers in the family members of cadres or party members have cadres of the relocation of the enthusiasm of the higher.In addition,the relocation of different natural villages also have a big gap,the relocation of farmers in the South Village,the enthusiasm of the weak,Lee Village,the enthusiasm of the relocation of strong,Secretary Village in the middle of the position.(2)From the perspective of the speed of the relocation of farmers,according to the analysis of the orderly logistic regression model,the degree of participation,the education of the children,the housing type of the old village,the housing price,the compensation problem,the residential area,the area,the single elderly housing,the future The nine influencing factors of life guarantee have a significant effect on the removal rate.The higher the degree of participation of farmers,the faster the relocation.Farm households in the area of 100 square meters below the residential type for the soil,the removal rate faster.The educational conditions of the relocation are an important condition for attracting farmers to move quickly.The relocation of housing prices,the number of housing,the relocation compensation and other issues are the main factors that cause farmers to move slowly.Three natural villages,Li Street village farmers the slowest relocation.(3)From the perspective of the satisfaction of the relocation of farmers,according to the analysis of the orderly logistic regression model,the number of housing,the change of income before and after the relocation,the housing price,the old village housing type,sex,traffic conditions,children’s marriage,,Cultivated land area and other factors on the relocation satisfaction has a significant impact.The number of housing,housing prices have a negative effect on the satisfaction of the relocation,and the traffic conditions,children’s education has a positive effect on the satisfaction of farmers.In addition,the more attention to their children to marry the relocation of farmers more satisfied with the poor,children marry a negative role in the relocation.The change of income before and after the relocation has a very important impact on the satisfaction of the farmers,the satisfaction of income promotion is strong and the satisfaction of income decline is poor.Farmers with more arable land have a higher degree of satisfaction than farmers with less cultivated land area.Finally,in order to improve the progress and satisfaction of the relocation of farmers,the following policy suggestions are put forward:(1)To fully understand the main role of farmers in the relocation project and to respect the wishes of farmers.(2)to develop a reasonable relocation compensation policy.The number of housing allocation of farmers,farmers old village house demolition compensation,the new village housing pricing should be more consideration of the actual situation in rural areas,respect for the needs of farmers,listen to the views of farmers to develop a more reasonable policy.(3)to the farmers to create urban employment opportunities to solve the farmers after the relocation of the demand and livelihood problems.(4)relocation should take into account the "efficiency and fairness." Should be in the case of relatively fair protection,the living conditions are more difficult to compensate farmers,so that it has enough funds to relocate,enjoy the benefits of the relocation policy.
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