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The Study On The Construction Of Government Public Relations Ability In The Era Of Big Data

Posted on:2018-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330533460992Subject:Journalism and Communication
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After being introduced into China for more than 20 years,the government public relations have been paid attention to by the government departments at all levels,but at the same time it has faced a series of challenges brought by the change of communication surroundings in the era of social media.Big data as the technological power are remodeling the decision making,the evaluation method of government public relations,the PR content and mode in current years,which will have a profound impact on the government's public relations.This paper tries to adopt the speculative research together with interdisciplinary study of Communication Science and Data Science,to interpret the positive impact of big data on China?s government public relations management ability in the new communication surroundings and technological environment,which mainly shows in the three dimensions of renewal of ideas,system reform and process reengineering.Among the three dimensions,the system is the tool of the practice of the idea,and the process is related to the landing and operation of the system.Meanwhile,these three dimensions have specific content,mainly reflected in the following three aspects.First,updating the concept from closed to open,namely from the control type to the type of cooperation in public relations;on the institutional change,it manifested as "singular management" to "multiple governance" of the government's public relations;in the aspects of process reengineering,one-way communication between the government and public relations changed to interactive communication.Second,updating the concept from single to comprehensive governance,namely changing the cognition of public sentiment from the "case cognition" to "cognitive systems";In the system reform,the government public relations triggered from the "event" to "public opinion ";in the aspects of process reengineering,the way of social public opinion monitoring changed from fragmented and manual to comprehensively and intelligent monitoring.Third,emphasizing the concepts of efficiency and scientization,namely the government public relations changed from experience-driven to data-driven;in the aspects of institutional change,the whole process of the government public relations driven by data;in the aspects of process reengineering,the public governance changed from popular,extensive and static public governance to personalized,accurate and dynamic public governance.In addition,this paper analyzes the changes of government public relations governance in the big data era by a case,which come across three dimensions mentioned above.Finally,based on the perceiving of the reality of Chinese government public relations,this paper also makes the recommendation for the capacity building of Chinese government public relations in the era of big data,which includes building the thinking of big data in the establishment of government public relations,bringing more openness and sharing of the government data,and establish the excellent environment for the big data application.
Keywords/Search Tags:Big Data, Government Public Relations, Renewal of Ideas, System Reform, Process Reengineering
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