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The Study On The Repair Of Government Trust Damage In Different Types Of Public Crisis Events

Posted on:2018-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330533465078Subject:Applied Psychology
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Today,China is still in the period of social and economic transformation,the transformation of government functions is relatively slow.All kinds of public crisis events have occurred,threathen the public interest of the mass,influence the mass’ s trust in government department.Meanwhile,the styles of the governments handling may exist flaws,so,how the government effectively deal with the public crisis events,how to deal with the damage caused by the improper response,these questions should be solved urgently.Based on the analysis of literatures reviesw,this study suggests that different types of public crisis and coping style will effect the government trust,different trust repairing strategies will influence the repair effect.This study includes three independent variables,different types of public crisis,coping styles,trust repairing strategies,the dependent variable is the government trust and the trust repair efficiency.This study take the situational experiment method to test 497 subjects,analyze by chi square analysis and variance analysis by SPSS 17.0.The results show that:(1)there is interaction between crisis types and coping styles.No matter what type of crisis,the positive coping style is better than negative coping style.Under the negative coping style,the wave style crisis’ s government trust is significantly higher than the rising style.(2)There is a interaction between crisis types and trust repair strategy.(1)No matter what type of crisis,the repair effect of the three kinds of repair strategies of information,emotion and function is significantly higher than the effect of the combination of any two strategy.(2)In the combination of emotional and functional strategy and in the combination of informational and emotional strategy,the repair effect of the wave type was significant higher than the rising style.(3)for the combination of informational and emotional and functional strategy,there is no significant difference between the two types of crisis.In the future we can take scientific and reasonable suggestions to constrate,prevent and cope with from three aspects.Such as the construction of the initial trust,the prevention mechanism about crisis and the trust repair strategies.thus,it can estalish a good relationshio between the government officers and the masses.
Keywords/Search Tags:public crisis, coping type, government trust, trust repair strategy
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