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A Study On The Landscape Of The Rural Nursing Home Under The Background Of Urban And Rural Integration

Posted on:2018-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The aging social pattern has already begun in China.In the face of various pension problems,combined with China's contemporary national conditions and taking the construction of urban and rural integration background into account,an in-depth analysis and research about the habitat for the senior citizen is supposed to be carried on from the perspective of the professional landscape.The study and its design should be carried out according to the relative research.The city pension system is gradually improved;yet the rural elder people take up a large portion in the second and third class cities.The resettlement of the rural elder people and the guarantee of their pension are the key point for the realization of urban and rural integration.Under this situation and background,it analyzes the behavior and psychology of the middle aged people and the elder people in the rural areas.And it also states the construction of space for the elderly in the countryside by the adaptation to the economy and the policy.It also explores the ways to let the elder people feel the care from others by the construction of landscape space.The unique advantages of the natural environment in the countryside should be played.The pension cultural environment that is suitable for the local characteristics should be established.Urban and rural integration should be positively propelled.It is discovered from the investigation to the city elder people that the infrastructure provided to the aged in the nursing homes whether in the cities or in the countryside are basically completed.Especially their sons and daughters paid great attention to both the medical environmentwhich should be workable and the service quality which should be trustworthy.But right now the environment provided for the aged are not ideal.But the integration of the urban and the rural advocated by the country demands the co-development of both the urban and the rural.According to the survey,there are still big problems existing in the elder people care environment in the rural areas.This paper finds out through analysis that the demanding characteristics of the elder people to the environment by both the horizontal and vertical comparison.It also Analyzes the suitability,superiority and existing problems of the rural environment;The demanding of the elder people to the natural environment in the rural areas is also analyzed and designed.In specific geographical conditions,there are invariant farmhouses,the same acquaintance space,opportunities of parties of the elder people exchanging their feelings and the need for emotion.In the young people's opinions,the rural areas are always backwards in medical care and sanitary conditions and are always relatively bad in living conditions.Everyone has a Nanshan mountain in their heart,the establishment of rural nursing homes is able to improve the health conditions and medical conditions in the rural areas,which truly realize the urban and rural integration.The establishment of rural nursing homes has influences to both the cities and the countrysides.But the living habits of the elder people in the rural areas decides the difference and uniqueness of their living environment.Geographical factor influences their living behaviors and pattern,which makes them have different psychological changes.Therefore under the "urban and rural integration" national policy supporting background,the ways to develop the rural nursing home landscape should be explored.Living environment that is suitable and comfortable for rural elder people should be provided;The bridge between the city and the countryside should be established.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Urban and The Rural Integration, Rural Nursing Homes, Specific Areas, Rural Elder People, Endowment environment
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