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The Characteristic And Influence Of U.S Public Diplomacy To Surrounding Area Of China After Implementation Of Rebalancing Strategy In Asia-pacific

Posted on:2018-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After Hilary posted an article entitled "America's Pacific Century" on the "foreign policy" magazine in 2011,it revealed the U.S.Asia Pacific rebalancing intention,and U.S.Defense Secretary Panetta presented the "Asia Pacific rebalancing” strategy during Shangri-La dialogue meeting in 2012,That the Asia Pacific region will become the focus of American foreign strategy is unquestionable;American public diplomacy,as a kind of soft power,has been an important parts of U.S foreign strategic.The essence of Rebalancing is balance the power of rising China depends on a close relationship between U.S and China's surrounding countries,that is the best way to protect American interests in Asia Pacific region.However,the United States already realized that purely rely on increased economic and military resources,what we called hard power,is far away enough to deal with it,they thought they must take public diplomacy as a mean to enhance the influence of U.S,the United States established the American public diplomacy Advisory Committee in 1999,which made the American democratic values as the core mean,outward transport the spread of American ideology,improve the U.S.the image all over the world,to enhance its soft power;the international situation is under the inclination of American foreign policy in the Asia Pacific region in nowadays,the public diplomacy in the region of the United States is becoming increasingly important to its national interest.A comprehensive annual report of public diplomacy and international broadcasting presented by the U.S Department of State in 2014 explicitly mentioned that the United States carried out public diplomacy in the Asia Pacific region project that is support the "rebalancing" strategy,enhance the image of the United States in the region,ensure the United States in the area of "priority".In recent years,with the rise of China and China's diplomacy strategy,the United States has stepped up to Chinese surrounding countries with public diplomacy efforts: increasing the budget on the countries which had territorial disputes with China;and aim to the young people who be treated as the value of the output key object in different countries.This strategy of U.S,when China is promoting the “One Belt and One Road" diplomatic strategy which try to build a positive national image in neighboring countries which had territorial disputes with China,exerted a negative impact on China's.In this regard,China should accurately grasp the American public diplomacy and location advantages and their disadvantages,active cooperation and learn from the American experience.
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