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An Elementary Analysis Of Old-age Service Contract

Posted on:2018-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In 2012,the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China(CPC)clearly stipulated the strategic requirement of "actively responding to the aging of the population and vigorously developing the cause and industry for the aged",taking this as an opportunity,in December 2012 the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly was revised comprehensively,considered and adopted,which indicating that the legal development of the cause of aging into a new stage,since then,the development of the cause of aging services has become the state's will,and rose to state's strategy.At the social level,the process of marketization of aging services is accelerating.The government encourages and guides the domestic and foreign private capital to invest in the aging service market.The aging service in China has entered a period of great development and great transformation.This article intends to proceed from such a frontier hot spot issue,take the old-age service contract under the current old-age model as the object of study,delineate and analyze the factors such as the definition,nature,origin and characteristics of this kind of contract and the liability for breach of it.On this basis,combined with specific cases in practice,to further analyze and find out the reality of the existing old-age service contract problems,with these real problems,and then to reflect on our current lack of relevant legislative system,to reflect on how to continue to improve these problems in the old-age service contract,and finally to give some constructive comments and advice for the problems from theoretical and practical aspects,so that others may come up with more valuable opinions and thoughts.
Keywords/Search Tags:old-age service contract, liability for breach of contract, liability insurance, legal system construction
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