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Study On The Mass Line’s Development Of The Chinese Communist Party Since The Eighteenth National Congress

Posted on:2018-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330533964560Subject:Marxism in China
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The party’s mass line is the combination of Marxism and the revolution,construction practice of the Chinese,is an important achievement of Marxism with Chinese features.The party’s mass line closes party-mass relationship,promoting credibility between government officials and masses.The party’s mass line,not absolute truth or dogma,must be continuous development and innovation with the development of China’s revolution and construction practice.Now our party is facing a new international and domestic situation.The party’s self-management appears problems,self-management and requirement is not strict,tough enough,lost in "Four winds" variant "Four winds" and corruption.Those problems are varying degree exist in the communist party of China,greatly damaging the party-mass relationship.The Soviet Union’s disorganization and eastern revulsion’s lessons tell us that we must insist and innovate the party’s mass line,enriching its content,facing of the grim situation.Our party’s experience shows that our party is necessary and possible draw power from the masses to overcome difficulties through innovating mass line thought theory.Since the eighteenth national congress of the communist party of China,our party strengthen self-management,organizing the mass line education activities,"three stricts and three honests" special education,"party building studies" learning education,to enhance party members and cadres’ consciousness of discipline and self-critical,becoming a qualified party member.Recently,our party’s mass line appears many characteristics,for example,strengthening the party’s self-management,maintaining fairness and justice,paying attention to environmental protection,etc.Under new situations and new problems,our party enriches the connotation of mass line to better guide building an all-round and well-off society,realizing the goal of relying on masses and serving masses.Therefore,the development and innovation of party’s mass line is worth further study.
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