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Investigation On Ecological Consciousness Of Farmers In H County Of Southern Shaanxi

Posted on:2018-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330533966187Subject:Marxism in China
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Regulations have been introduced,all kinds of iron fist policy into practice.At the same time,the awareness of ecological civilization is an important part of ecological civilization,ecological civilization construction is the moral basis and spiritual support.The construction of rural ecological civilization is the construction of new socialist countryside in the meaning of the title,is the inherent requirement of promoting rural economic and social development.At present,our country is in promoting the construction of the beautiful countryside,promote urbanization,and promote China’s rapid economic development and build a well-off society in an important period,along with the rapid development of economy and society,the modern way of life is growing in many regions,although the farmers living standards have been greatly improved,but the resource dependency is growing,unreasonable lifestyle and consumer behavior with However,due to the increasingly serious ecological damage to the environment,all kinds of environmental pollution has high trend,has become the livelihood of the people suffering,pain,the development of the war.At the same time,farmers’ cultural level is generally low,relatively backward ideas,the spirit of life is very poor,the scientific and cultural quality and moral quality needs to be improved.In the ecological construction in rural areas,farmers’ ecological awareness level,not only affect the good effect of protecting the ecological environment in rural areas,also affect the rural sustainable development smoothly and effectively implemented.Therefore,the status of the investigation and analysis of farmers’awareness of State students,analyze its influencing factors,and puts forward corresponding countermeasures for Cultivating farmers’ ecological consciousness,particularly important.South Shaanxi as an important water conservation area of the Northern Water Transfer Project,ecological environmental protection is particularly important.Therefore launched a survey of ecological awareness H the southern county farmers water residence,on this basis,ecological awareness in southern Shaanxi farmers County water source H for the fundamental research point for Explore farmers to cultivate ecological awareness.The main content of this document is divided into five chapters,the first chapter examines,the document describes the context and importance of the subject,as well as national and foreign research,the second chapter presents the theoretical concepts and theoretical foundations related to the document,The third chapter,the statistical analysis data analysis reveals that the status quo of the county’s ecological consciousness in the southern water source of Shaanxi farmers,the fourth chapter analysis exist to produce ecoresponsible source of " H county in southern Shaanxi farmers and the causes of the problem,the fifth chapter,economic development,policies and regulations,cultivation construction,farmers themselves are brought furrows H county farmers ecological awareness,so To bring enlightenment and help in the construction of ecological problems in the region.
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