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The Countermeasure Research On Grid Management Of Panjin Community

Posted on:2018-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The scientific management of the community is that the functions of government arechanging from management to service,the concrete embodiment of the innovation of social governance and to strengthen the construction of the basic construction further.It is also the key means to improve the level of scientific management and the ability to serve the people.In 2015 China’s 13 th Five-Year Year Plan "proposed to strengthen social management and innovation,strengthen the function of community service,realize the government governance and social regulation as well as residents’ self-governance and the benign interaction." In 2016,with the full-scale of Panjin municipal community grid management,more and more social management and public services are added to the community management,and therefore,the problems such as the lack of mechanism,the low quality of the management team,and the poor cooperation between the top and bottom bar are increasingly exposed.In this paper,we use literature analysis,field research,comparative research methods,in the perspective of the grid management application in Panjin city community management,by referring to the domestic and foreign mature community grid management experience to solvethe problems existing in Panjin City Community Grid Management.This article has four parts which focuses on the five aspects of problems in the community grid management of Panjin,analyzes the causes of the problems,and then puts forward the optimization countermeasures and suggestions: Firstly,to change the understanding of community grid management,secondly,to urge departments at all levels of administrative responsibility and service resources at the same time sink.The third is to strengthen the construction of community grid management team,the fourth is to explore the legal constraints and system security community grid management,and the last is to promote the sharing platform of information.The use of grid management to enhance the level of community management is a powerful starting point of social governance innovation,which has a positive role in promoting the optimization social resources,meeting people’s livelihood needs,improving the ability and the level of government services for the people.I hope this article can provide some references for Panjin City in the reform of community management.
Keywords/Search Tags:The grid management, Community, Countermeasures
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