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Study Based On Grounded Theory About The Issue And Solution Of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area EG Affairs Of The Public Service Outsourcing

Posted on:2018-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536469042Subject:Public Administration
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The process of China informatization contains elements,like accumulation,reformation and innovation-government service outsourcing market already exist in first-tier cities and most of the second-and third-tier cities of China,and constantly played more significant role to the government.However,during the process of study and experience the e-government service outsourcing,problems were founded by practitioners.On the one hand,compared with the developed countries,China’s e-government service outsourcing which is lack of user experiences and innovation is at a lower level.On the other hand,different classes of governments have too many historical factors,like the lower class of branches already have their own e-government service outsourcing,to put them in the same bowl,and even if the government controlled these systems in a unit,most of them were in a mess.The last problem is Chinese governments or branches always make detours or follow the wrong steps,due to they are lack of theory support because expert groups were seldom compare and summarize experiences of e-government service outsourcing on the paper and seldom publish the related stipulation.This essay presents the survey of Liangjiang new area e-government service outsourcing,especially its OA’s 6 years process of service outsourcing.The author used The Grounded Theory and WBS technology to construct the evaluation system of Liangjiang new area e-government service outsourcing.In the last two chapters,the author compared four developed countries’(HK,Beijing,Shenzhen,and Shanghai)e-government service outsourcing,and tried to find the common factors.The author draw the conclusion that,the willing of government affect the e-government service outsourcing,which conclude the way to unit and apply different levels and modes of e-government service outsourcing,and the symbiosis and the degree of power decentralization between government and company,and the willing of the staffs that view the e-government service outsourcing as the daily office procedure and some related laws also affect the development of e-government service outsourcing.In addition,the technology innovation and security technology also are important factors for the development of e-government service outsourcing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, e-government, government service outsourcing
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