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A Study On The Matching Of Government Purchasing Of Public Service And Social Demand

Posted on:2018-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536469450Subject:Public Management
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Government procurement of public services in recent years,with the transformation of the government is accompanied by a change in the specific functions of the government.In recent years due to the demand for public services caused by the economic development rapidly,the traditional direct government provision of public services has been unable to meet the diverse needs of the community,so by the new public service theory and a series of theories and foreign experience introduction,the government through the purchase of services from social organizations provide the required service to the people.Because of the remarkable effect,the Chinese government has entered the stage of all-round development.With the development of government purchasing,incoming related research has also become particularly topical this year,the main research direction for specific aspects of government purchases,such as limited government,buy content research and social organization mode of government purchase economic operation cultivation research etc..The research on the efficiency of the government to improve the efficiency of the purchase of public services is mostly a comparative study of a model.According to the existing research and specific examples,the factors influencing the efficiency of government purchases in specific social demand,relatively detailed research,based on relevant theoretical guidance on the understanding,through the study of literature,to our country government purchase of public service status of a specific understanding,and combined with the case,from the angle of social demand,improve the government purchases of public services to improve the overall efficiency of the countermeasure analysis.Be based on the analysis of three cases in our country,government purchase of public service purchase services set up service stage,the implementation stage and the last service for the main problems of the social demand,the specific factors exist is the evaluation stage.Specifically the main problems in the development of the purchase directory are specific to the degree of the social demand is not high enough,on the standard of distribution of the specific service area fuzzy lack validity,project bidding competition,due to the lack of participation in the bidding for the development of social organization uneven that the solution of the problem,it is difficult to guarantee the fairness of competition.The main problems in the implementation stage of specific services are: the lack of the role of the government in this stage,the interaction with the social organization is too small and the immediate feedback collection mechanism for the service object is not perfect.The final stage of the demand assessment,the first is the supervision system,the involvement of the third party organizations and related obligations have not yet been clearly implemented,the impact on the objectivity of the entire evaluation.Secondly,because of the establishment of the evaluation index system is relatively less professional,so the results of the specific evaluation of the future work of the guidance also questioned.This paper put forward the countermeasures to solve the above problems,set up specific survey requirements phase for the purchase of services,standardization of the principle of distribution,in the bidding links to different organizations to assess the value of the objective and the establishment of a database of different social organizations credibility record,finally the competition of transparency and supervision to further strengthen the link.Make clear according to the specific service implementation phase to the government at this stage of the duties,to strengthen the involvement of the government in the whole service process,instant feedback information to ensure the service process,and finally the society needs,to ensure at the same time,strengthen the concept change of the government,first off the shift of values,make the purchase of the role of government the service has been further improved.In the last part of the service evaluation,it is necessary to strengthen the implementation of the monitoring system and the implementation of the third party supervision system,and the evaluation index system also needs more experts to intervene in order to ensure its objective validity.
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