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Individual Information Protection By Civil Law In The Network Environment

Posted on:2018-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the "Internet +" age,the development and use of personal information has become the focus of world economic competition.Internet personal information is no longer safe,for which most countries,regions or international organizations have developed relatively perfect law.Although our country has many legislation for the protection of personal information,but more dispersed and general,and the operational is not strong,the network of personal information security is still faced with a serious threat.Civil law as one of the basic laws to achieve social rule of law,which to protect the security of personal information network has an indispensable role.Therefore,this article mainly from the civil legal aspects to study and explore the protection of personal information on the network.Network personal information is based on the network environment,and compared with the traditional personal information is the biggest difference is that its carrier is different,but the nature of the foothold is personal information.China’s latest "General Principles of Civil Law" established the right to personal information,which for the protection of personal information network provides a legal basis.Butthere is no specific protection of the implementation details,and the lack of maneuverability in practice,so the security of personal information network still can not be effectively protected.Therefore,we should clear the content of the network of personal information,to achieve the comprehensive protection of personal information networkfrom the rights and obligations of both sides,at the same time,improve the principle of liability for infringement of personal information on the network and the system of damages,and realize the balance between the protection and utilization of personal information on the network.
Keywords/Search Tags:network personal information, civil law protection, specific personality right
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