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Construction Of The Criminal Speedy Trial Procedure In China

Posted on:2018-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since twenty-first Century,the high economic development in China but also brought a lot of judicial problems.The increasing rate of crime leads to the increasing pressure of judicial work,Inefficient litigation model has been unable to adapt to the needs of the new situation,Optimize the judicial system and to enrich the structure of criminal trial procedure has become an urgent task.In the range of the world inside,to solve the high criminal cases in each country through the criminal speedy trial procedure.The character of the case diversion,provide litigation efficiency play an important role.The content of this paper and its research approach begin with the general concept and characteristics of writing criminal speedy trial procedure,and two important values of efficiency and justice in criminal speedy trial procedure.include the difference between the criminal speedy trial procedure and the summary procedure and the criminal reconciliation is added,In order to increase the understanding of criminal speedy trial procedure.The second chapter is about the current situation of the criminal trial in China,Part of the data collected from the author,this paper discusses the role of criminal speedy trial procedure in our country,and as far as possible to analyze the problems in the status quo,The purpose is to initiate.The third chapter is by describing the common law system and continental law system,and sums up some common aspects of it,advanced legislative ideas,in order to provide a useful reference for the construction of criminal speedy trial procedure in China.The fourth chapter is based on the current situation of our country and the general practice of foreign countries,to explore the improvement of the criminal speedy trial procedure in China.
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