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Practical Problems And Countermeasures Of Medical Injury Identification Of China

Posted on:2018-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,medical trouble happened frequently.Litigation has become an important solution of medical disputes.Medical injury identification is the important evidence to determine the case facts as the basis.At present,The juridical practice still has many problems.Based on the analysis of the current relevant laws and the judicial practice of typical cases of medical injury identification,lead to judicial practice problems.Then,Respectively from the angle of legislation and practice to explore the cause of medical injury identification's problem.Finally put forward countermeasures.The article is divided into three parts:The first part is the present situation of medical injury identification.This part shows the evolution of medical injury identification.Through the three different typical examples to illustrates the problem.The second part is the cause of medical injury identification's problem.This part mainly from four aspects to illustrate.Firstly,this section will analysis the legislative defect.Secondly,this section will analysis the opinions from the Angle of the objective obstacles.Thirdly,this section will analysis the cause of different place identification's obstacles.Finally,this section will analysis current practice from the perspective of the judge trial.The third part is about some countermeasures of medical injury identification's obstacles.This part content mainly includes three sections.Firstly,this section consummate institution from the legislation.Secondly,to build a unified medical injury identification system.Finally,this section will formulate concrete different place identification's program specification.
Keywords/Search Tags:Medical negligence, Medical fault, Medical injury identification, Identification of double-track, Different Place identification
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