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Study On The Construction Of Township Social Governance Capacity In Ningbo

Posted on:2018-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the analysis content closely linked with township governance has become the focus of theoretical discussion,and it has been promoted to a more important position in the relevant theoretical analysis of the government.In the third Plenary Session of the 18 th CPC Central Committee,our party stressed the need to speed up the reform of the social governance system,constantly promote the improvement of the national governance system,improve governance capacity,and strengthen the scientific and effective of the social governance system.The above shows that in our country the system of governance and governance capacity change,must be fully aware of the important value of the innovation of social governance system,and resolutely implement the social management system innovation goals can’t be shaken,with all kinds of problems encountered in the work in the actual operation of seeking true solutions and innovative countermeasures social governance system.This paper related concepts for township government governance,theoretical analysis the specific meaning of the township government governance capacity at the same time,the content of established analytical framework,its three aspects mainly include resource acquisition ability,use of resources and resource allocation ability of the content is used to measure the ability of township governance level.The township government can refer to the relevant legal system and in accordance with the rules under the condition of social resources to absorb,then will go to the overall framework for internal organizations to do the integration and deployment of resources to work for social governance.According to the content above can be seen,the ability to focus on resource management covers do their decisions implementation,promote regional development and make public management and strengthening the system innovation,the core is to ensure the inviolability of public interest.In this paper,we take the township government of Ningbo as a sample,and analyze the case from the above aspects.Analysis of the current Zhejiang city of Ningbo province social governance ability of township government’s real situation and various difficulties,the main purpose is to find the relevant strategies to improve and perfect,to promote the ability of township government in the area of social governance and constantly improve the corresponding measures.The township governance practice such as the US and Japan and other economically developed areas of the world to conduct a careful analysis of the specific experience in the operation conducted in-depth research,these areas to break the defects of single governance system,the definition of good governance responsibilities,also people’s active participation and perfect supervision mechanism is also very important content.This article combines the practice of world countries township government governance,combined with the actual situation of the township governance ability of Ningbo City,mainly with several aspects to improve the township level of economic development,optimize resource configuration and township to strengthen the government’s self management in detail on the governance capacity of Ningbo township government promotion.
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