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Research On Masses Views Of Xi Jinping

Posted on:2017-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536955896Subject:Marxist theory
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The research on masses views of Xi Jinping as the crystallization of collective wisdom of the new leadership collectivity,inheriting and developing the people’s view of the Marxist,has the important theoretical significance and practice value.The research on masses views of Xi Jinping not only can enlarge the study domain of our party’s mass view,which enriches and develops our Party’s mass view in a great deal,but also through the study on masses views of Xi Jinping,further understand the spirit of general secretary’s speech,especially through the study on masses views of Xi Jinping,further intimate the relationship between our party and the masses,which improve the Party’s mass work capacity and provide theoretical support for salving livelihood issues and responding people’s expectation on public benefit and standpoint.This paper,based on the formation and development of the masses views of Xi Jinping as research clues,uses the literature research,class analysis,and comparison and induction research method,systematically summarize and combed the theory system of masses views of Xi Jinping,and draws the following conclusions:(a)the masses views of Xi Jinping plays important theoretical position.On the one hand,enrich and develop the people’s view of the Marxist.On the anther hand,provide fundamental standpoint for Xi Jinping’s thought of governing country and administrating government.(b)The masses views of Xi Jinping have important practical significance.The specific content: the masses views of Xi Jinping make for Chinese strengthen cohesion to facilitate the development of productive forces.The masses views of Xi Jinping deepen mass bases of Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy.The masses views of Xi Jinping promote sharing developing achievement for all the people.This paper is mainly composed by six parts: the first part briefly illustrates the basement and significance of this topic,reviews the academic research situation,and introduces the innovation,feasibility,research ideas and research methods.The second part carefully combed the theory source of the masses views of Xi Jinping,expounds its inheritance and development of Marxist historical materialism,ourparty’s mass viewpoint and Chinese excellent traditional culture.The third part analysis its formation basis from all-round economic,political,cultural,social,and ecological progress.The fourth part generalizes the three stages of formation and development as a whole.The fifth part selective analyses the main content of the masses views of Xi Jinping,which contains the basic position of ruling for people,the mass work basic principles of "real,deep and thin,through",the essential requirements of eliminate poverty,improve people’s livelihood and realize the common prosperity,as well as the construction of "popular politics".The sixth part,from two dimensions of theoretical and practical,summarizes the theoretical contribution and practical significance of the masses views of Xi Jinping.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mass view, Xi Jinping, Chinese Dream
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