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Study Based On Intelligent Control Fire Fighting System

Posted on:2018-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330536959998Subject:Electrical engineering
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Modern architecture tends to be high and complicated level in our life.Itís a disaster for us if any place arises a fire,fire control is the field which we need to perfect and studied.The right judgment of the fire early stage is directly related to the safety and property of life.So the performance of fire detectors plays a vital role in the entire fire fighting system.The choice of evacuation routes in a fire determines the safety of people.There is a detailed study focuses on the system hardware platform,fire detection module and intelligent evacuation module in this paper.People require higher for the Fire Fighting Systemís reliability and intelligence than before,for example,import the overseas advanced technology;cover the shortage of domestic modern fire fighting System;combine with CAN bus technology and DSP technology;optimize design for the module of fire detection,intelligent evacuation,fire alarm controller,fire linkage controller and the central monitoring host;these ways achieve the optimization of the entire network,control,reduction of the false alarm and negative rate,and improve the efficiency of fire fighting.In order to achieve accurate judgment of early fire stage for strangled the fire in the bud,this paper study that the fire detection module is used to collect the fire characteristic information by intelligent compound detector,according to multi-information fusion method based on BP neural network algorithm and fuzzy control.It is reasonable and effective to verify the optimal design of the fire detection module through the simulation of the standard fire data,which plays an important role in the whole intelligent control fire system.Aiming at the shortage of the traditional fixed route fire evacuation system,this paper focuses on the intelligent evacuation module,according to the improved ant colony algorithm,we can plan the best evacuation route according to the actual situation of the fire,then control indicator will show the evacuation route.The simulation analysis of the experiment shows that the intelligent control design of the intelligent evacuation module conform the actual situation.Optimized design and control of system hardware platform,fire detection module and intelligent evacuation module achieve the entire intelligent control fire fighting system to be efficient,network and intelligent.
Keywords/Search Tags:fire fighting system, fire efficiency, fire detection, intelligent evacuation, intelligent control
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