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Research On The Reform The Administrative System Of The Economic Development In Quanzhou

Posted on:2017-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330536974550Subject:Public Administration
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With the rapid advance of urbanization process in China,part of the township quickly developed into economically developed town.GDP of many township reached dozens of billion or even hundreds of billion.Tax revenue reached even dozens of billion,and the size of the population reached hundreds of thousands.These towns’ social economy develop rapidly,and it has exceeded the traditional town with the prototype of the new modern city.But,the function orientation and management of these towns are basically same to the general economic developed town.The traditional administrative management system of villages and towns make the situation of low power,weak function,and low efficiency in long-term.The superstructure and the economic base are not adapted to the problem more prominent,and emergence the phenomenon of "adults wearing underpants,Bigfoot wearing small shoes".It seriously restricted the economic construction,development and management of towns.This article in quanzhou municipal party committee,for example,to economically developed town reform of the administrative system and found that the main reason for the further development of quanzhou city villages and towns have the discomfort of the external environment change and the internal administrative system.ChenDai Town next based on the economically developed town as an example to introduce reforms through the ChenDai Town administrative management system reform measures,results and analysis,points out its problems in administrative reform,such as the lag of change of government function,decentralization is not smooth,supervision and evaluation,team building,etc.,the author further analyzed the reasons behind the problem.ChenDai Town in administrative management system reform started late,and economically developed town administrative system reform is not achieved overnight,but a complicated engineering system.The current domestic and foreign in the administrative management system reform have some successful experience,is worth ChenDai Town research and practice in the reform of the administrative system.The author combined with the theory research and practice at home and abroad,draw lessons from other provinces economically developed town reform practice experience,put forward quanzhou economically developed town reform of the administrative system of optimization countermeasures and Suggestions,mainly include: set up institutions,equipped with appropriate and scientific researchers,the number of leadership positions and levels;Further down the social and economic management authority,administrative law enforcement authority,personnel management authority;Promoting the fiscal and taxation,land,urban construction,the household registration,supervision and institutional reform.
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