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Research On Basic Public Service Capacity Improvment Of Township Government In Xiang-xi Areas

Posted on:2018-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N N ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330539975660Subject:Public Management
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The improvement of basic public service capacity is a critical factor for improving the basic public services quality of government.The basic public service capacity improvement of township government in Xiang-xi(Xiang-xi)owns far-reaching significance,which propels functional transformation of township government in Xiang-xi,promotes encomy and industrial,improves residentsí living quality,and facilitates national equality and unity.Based on theory of public goods,new public services and local governance,the basic public services capacity of township government in Xiang-xi is systematically analyzed in this thesis through methodologies, analysis,field interview,questionnaire survey and case study.From an overall perspective,the basic public serice capacity of local government mainly manifests at resource allocation capacity,development planning capacity,policy implementation capacity,fundermental infrastructure capacity,and distressed governance capacity,and characterized by endophytism,regionalism,ethnicism as well as diversity.Through field research on Zheyieping township in Sangzhi,we found that The existing problems of basic public service capacity of township government in Xiang-xi which is represented by Zheyiping township,banaced supplying capacity is poor,Quality assurance capacity is low,the sustainable development capacity is weak,financial fund raising capacity is insufficient,the policy executive capacity is not strong,etc.,arc mainly restricted by backward economy,constrained culture,conventional ideology,complicated geographical condition and underdeveloped socity,etc.In order to further improve the basic public service capacity of township government in Xiang-xi,seven suggestions are listed: work idea should be transformed,team construction should be enhanced,operation mechanism should be improved,the creative serice model of rural economy should be developed,performance assessment should be reinforced and township governce according to regulations should be intensified,etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:Xiang-xi ethrnic minority, township government, basic public service capacity
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