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Study On “internet+administrative Approval”

Posted on:2017-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330539985988Subject:Public administration
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The central task of transformation of govenment functions in China is to deepen the reform of administrative system,and during the process of transforming an all-round-style Government into a service-oriented one,our government has changed gradually from providing prescriptive management to micro-subject into a government that helps serve market while creating a favorable environment for enterprise production and management.The transformation process includes the change of administrative authority and responsibilities,change of management role,as well as change of management tools,methods and models,of which,administrative examination and approval,is the most important embodiment of government functions,as well as the most direct indication of the advancement and convience of government business process.To improve approval efficiency and enhance public services while reducing social costs,is a direct mean of solving the problems of running slow in social democratic progress,being low in government credibility,and difficult in information flow;also being an important assessment to test the government management.Internet technology has been used in every espects of everyday life.To introduce "Internet + Administrative Examination and Approval" of Government into public service sector has great significance to innovate government services supply models,reengineer business processes,and improve administrative efficiency.This paper firstly studies the relative concept of “Internet + Administrative Examination and Approval” and its theoretical basis,and provides its basic concept and main content,as well as explaining how this paper is built upon reinventing government theory and theoretical basis for complex management theories.It will also take the aministration service center construction in Hebei province as an example,analayze the problems our government is facing at the stage on promoting “Internet + Administrative Examination and Approval”,and proposed the problems existed at the stage,as well as analyzes the roots of these problems.Basing on the present situation and our understanding towards these problems,this paper will put forward some feasible and practical suggestions on how to solve them from aspects of organization,ideology,institutional mechanisms,and information security,while establishing an “Internet and Administrative Approval” system,which is citizen-oriented,with streamling,decentralization and data sharing as its core,new technologies,such as chief cloud data as its basis,and network security as its protection.We hope this paper will be used for reference to accelerate China’s “Internet and Administrative Examination and Approval”.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet+, Administrative approval, Online administrative service center
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