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Party's Organization Construction In The City Community:from The Perspective Of Governance

Posted on:2018-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542453770Subject:Public Administration
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PartyOrganization Construction in the city community:From the perspective of governance.However,the reality of inertial the place,still in use in the past some simple,controlled,traditional urban grass-roots management?Mode,which is now increasingly complex urban reform,development and stability of the serious discrepancies.In this case,urban grassroots governance system how to make urban organic community organizations to intervene effectively in order to play a leading role in the core urban grassroots governance in civilized and harmonious community construction,the city has become a grassroots party building under the new situation need to crack a major problem.Paper combing through community organizations function variation in different periods,from the combination of "management" type mode to "governance" schema changes,put forward the party's grass-roots organizations of the most important work should focus on serving the people,to keep the city party organizations stability and cohesion,constantly optimize the management and leadership of the central role of grass-roots party lists from the market,urbanization,information technology challenges and problems of forwarding.Changyi District,Jilin paper dimension north of the Community Party mode as a case specific analysis to explore the city and the Community Party of innovative exploration and practice,and pointed out the problems and shortcomings of its existence.Trying to build urban grassroots party building model point of view,the Community Party proposed research innovation and development of the city in the direction of the new situation.And creatively put forward the coverage area from the goal-oriented regional cooperation,regional service concept,co-ordinated regional approach to building four dimensions regionalization model design of urban grass-roots party building,and as a directional recommendations in future practice of urban communities innovation and development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban community, The party at the grass-roots level, management, governance
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