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The Practice And Empirical Study Of The Party's Incorruptibility During The New Democratic Revolution

Posted on:2019-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542458049Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary History
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The incorruptible construction is the intrinsic requirement of Communist Party Long-term ruling.Communist Party of China pay attention to the incorruptible construction very much,and got rich experience and treasure during the new democratic revolution.It has a deep influence on the incorruptible construction during the new democratic revolution.These experiences have far-reaching influence and reference for the incorruptible construction today.This paper studied on the practice of the every stage of the incorruptible construction during the new democratic revolution.Mainly include:The exploration to the incorruptible construction at the beginning of party building,the party advocated the establishment of mass political parties and paid attention to supervision.During the agrarian revolution,the party established the system of inspection and accusation,emphasized the construction of ideological style and severely punished corrupt officials.During the War of Resistance against Japan,the communist party of China carried out a rectification movement to punish corruption severely,paid attention to the construction of democratization and improve the supervision mechanism.During the War of Liberation,the communist party of China carried out the activity of“the Three Check-ups and Three Improvement”and established a new style of the incorruptible construction.Furthermore Communist Party of China presented four advice to the Party's current clean and honest construction:the breakthrough of the Party's clean and honest construction is building up a good style of work;the guarantee for the construction of a clean and honest party is to improve the institutional system;the foundation of the Party's clean and honest construction is to strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs;the important starting point for building a clean and honest party is the supervision within the party.The Communist Party of China should always maintain the Party's honesty and true heart and improve the party's ruling skills constantly,forge a more exuberant vitality and tenacious fighting capacity of the party.
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