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Household And The Allocation Of Rural Land Rights And Interests

Posted on:2018-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In ancient China,household was an important administrative unit.Household has been closely related to family,natural person and household registration system.Household plays an important role in the part of the allocation of rights and interests in our daily life.In terms of the allocation of the rights to contract in rural areas and residential lands using rights,household acts as the allocation unit.This paper talks about the implication of household and its history of development,confirms the relationship between household and family,natural person,household registration system.It also talks about the problems while allocating the rural contract for the managerial right,and puts out some suggestions for the reform of the contractual management.According to the discussion about the ‘one household one residential land’ system,it cannot meet the development of social society.The author thinks that household should only be used as a unit of household registration,as with the function of carrying out the social relations between citizens.It also should dissociable from the exercise of the land property rights.Meanwhile,the rural contract for the managerial rights belong to the members of the household,the rights can be realized in many ways,such as household,cooperative etc.The reformation of residential land allocation system can refer to the model of rental housing built on collective construction land,which was just being applied in practice.As for the new additional demand of residential lands,the free model should be changed.Peasants’ rights of residence can be realized through get free norm of residential land or free public rental housing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Household, Family, Rural contracting management, One household one residential land, Reformation of land system
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