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Practice And Perfection Of Criminal Expeditious Procedure Of China

Posted on:2018-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of economy and society,the number of criminal cases rising,limited judicial resources can not meet the needs of the increasing number of cases.With the abolition of reeducation through labor system,the minor offences having been put into the criminal,has greatly increased the pressure of criminal justice agencies in China.So it is particularly urgent to construct a more simple criminal procedure for minor criminal cases.In order to comply with the demand of judicial,the criminal expeditious procedure pilot program is carried out in some cities in 2014.Whether the criminal expeditious procedure can play a part in simplified shunt,improving efficiency,optimizing the distribution of judicial resource is depended on the application of theory research and practice.The thesis is divided into five parts.The first part probes into the fundamental problems of the criminal expeditious procedure including the legislative exploration,the definition,the application,the position,the characteristics and the value pursuit of the criminal expeditious procedure.The second and the third part is the case analysis of the pilot program including the achievements,the problems and the causes of the problems.The fourth part introduce the United States,Germany,Italy,Japan criminal rapid processing procedures and through compared to analyzes,discovers the profits from the advanced experience.The fifth part raises suggestions on improving the criminal expeditious procedure.
Keywords/Search Tags:Criminal expeditious procedure, Diversified summary procedure system, Simplified shunt
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