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HY Retirement Community Of Special Corporate Debt Financing Research

Posted on:2018-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542466283Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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China’s pension industry is in a period of rapid development,in order to promote its healthy development,social capital gradually poured into the pension industry projects.Based on this background Aging,select new projects in the pension industry-Retirement community for the study.In conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission’s "four guidelines" spirit of the document currently,through the study of foreign pension community development and financing models,summarized experience and combined with the current policy situation,through the comparison of several financing models derive from the special enterprise debt model applied to the needs of the pension community project.After selecting the mode of financing use of it to financing HY retirement community study for the project.The construction of the company’s situation D financing program designed to identify potential financing risks and propose countermeasures.The key points and difficulties of this paper are the necessityanalysis of the application of special enterprise debt model,the application analysis of special enterprise debt model in HY old-age community,and the risk analysis and countermeasure in special corporate debt financing.In the study of the necessity of using the corporate bonds,the special enterprise bonds are compared with the financial allocation,the bank loans and the PPP model and the advantages of the special enterprise bonds are obtained.In the case of the special enterprise debt model applied to the financing of the senior citizens of the HY,the Company has analyzed the assets and liabilities of D Company,the financing structure,the market demand of the HY pension community project,the project economic benefit,the project financing demand and the solvency capacity to determine whether the company With the issuance of special corporate bonds.Then the financing scheme design was carried out from the three aspects of the special debt issuance business process,the selection of the intermediary institution,the design of the special corporate debt clause of the HY pension community.Finally the paper analyzes the risks of the special corporate bonds of the HY pension community project before and after the issuance and post-debt management puts forward the countermeasures to reduce the financing risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:Retirement Community, Special corporate debt, Financing Research
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