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Research On Juvenile Diversion System Based On Sino-American Comparison

Posted on:2018-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The juvenile diversion system is an important part of the juvenile justice system,which is a system separate juvenile offenders from the criminal judicial proceedings.This article stands at the perspective of Sino-US comparison to study juvenile justice transfer system.The first part introduces the current situation of juvenile justice transfer in our country,and thinks that although there are some scattered provisions in our country which seem to be similar to the system of juvenile justice,the juvenile justice transfer system does not really established.The second part discusses the construction of the juvenile justice transfer system in the United States,introduces the concept and system of the juvenile justice transfer system,and analyzes the revelation of the juvenile justice transfer system to China.First of all,The juvenile delinquency is different from the existence of adult crime.Based on this,the juvenile justice system,which is independent of the adult justice system,should be established.Secondly,when the juvenile justice system is established,the juvenile protection and social defense function should be taken into account.and finally,juvenile justice should have a multitude of treatment mechanism.Consider the United State’s Juvenile diversion system as model,thinking about what issues should be concerned when establish our juvenile diversion.The third part discusses the formation of the juvenile justice transfer system in China,and draws lessons from the experience of the United States.It is believed that China should establish an independent juvenile justice system.On this basis,the system of juvenile justice transfer should be established,and discuss the diversion of juvenile justice,The scope of application of the system,the procedures of the juvenile justice transfer system.Hope thes conception can do a little bit to the establish of china’s juvenile justice system.
Keywords/Search Tags:juvenile justice, juvenile diversion, the power of diversion, the treatment
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