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A Dissertation For Study Of Political Ideology Of Mohist From The Perspective Of Marxism

Posted on:2018-07-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T W LvFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542472242Subject:Marxist theory
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The spring and Autumn Period thinker Mo-tse founded by “universal love” as the core of political thought is an important part of traditional culture China.It is of great theoretical value and practical significance to study Mohist political thought in the perspective of Marx.Guided by Marx`s theory,this thesis makes a systematic analysis and Research on the political thought of Mohist school with the standpoint and method of using the theory of Marx.Mohist political thought comes from the disintegration of the old order and the unstable period of the new order.The idea is to represent the interests of small production workers as the starting point.And then put forward the universal love,non-attack,shangxian,shangtong and other political ideas.It played an important role in promoting the development of social economy,politics and culture.At the same time,it also contains some historical limitations,such as fantasy,oneness and contradiction.Mohist political thought has a strong value of the times.This paper probes into the modern transformation of Mohist political thought from the aspects of the construction of harmonious society,foreign policy,talent construction and democratic politics construction.This paper puts forward the way of modern transformation of Mohist political thought.I order to provide some help to the research of the traditional culture and the Marx doctrine in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marxism, Political Ideology of Mohist, Historical value, Modern transformation
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