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The Amount Of Crimes Committed By The Artwork Is Determined

Posted on:2019-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It is an important guarantee for the people's courts,people's procuratorates and public security organs to correctly handle criminal cases.Seizure,recovered,and confiscated in case prices are unknown or uncertain and need evaluation items,the judicial organs shall,in accordance with legal procedures,entrusted shall have the right to appraisal department for appraisal,appraisal conclusion as the important basis to deal with the case,but the amount of the art involved in the crime in the judicial practice that there are many difficulties.Based on the practice,this paper makes a preliminary study on the mechanism of determining the amount of crime involved in the art.In this paper,the text is divided into four parts,mainly from the basic concept,characters of crime amount and price of art crime amount involved recognized the importance and particularity of research,this paper analyzes the existing problems and the insufficiency,illustrates the necessity and the urgency to establish and improve the related mechanism.With the case and specific crime analysis,the identification mode of the current case is thought,and the reason for the deficiency of the multidimensional resolution is insufficient.Finally,the author puts forward the author's opinion,and provides some useful references for the improvement of the crime rate identification mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:The amount of crime, The amount of art crime involved, Price appraisal
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