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Study On The Care And Protection Of Left-behind Children In Gushi County

Posted on:2018-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542478944Subject:Public Administration
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The speed of urbanization in our country is accelerating with the reform and opening up in full swing.At the same time,the pace of social industrialization is also getting faster and faster.As a result,a large number of rural surplus labor force have rapidly moved from rural areas to major cities in a relatively short period of time.Compared to rural children,the time they spend with their parents becomes less and the elders such as grandparents,grandparents and grandparents naturally become the main guardians of the children.As a result,these rural children become left-behind children.Nowadays,as China’s economy continues to grow,people in many poor areas will choose to develop in economically developed areas,causing the problem of left-behind children in our country to worsen.Because of the continuous development of this phenomenon,the number of left-behind children in our country has gradually increased.Because they can not enjoy the care of their parents,seriously affecting the healthy development of left-behind children.In order to pay attention to the healthy growth of left-behind children,many researchers have carried out research on this aspect,and the state has also issued documents on arrangements for strengthening the care and protection of left-behind children in rural areas.The problem of left-behind children in rural areas is manifold,but from a deeper perspective,the phenomenon of left-behind children in rural areas is due to the imbalance in socio-economic development.Because there is a certain gap in the economic level between regions,many migrant workers choose to go to economically developed areas for further improvement of their living conditions.The other is that our country has not yet established and improved relevant institutional mechanisms.Therefore,the government departments must act actively and care for the caring and care of left-behind children in rural areas.Faced with the problems we have in the caring and protection of left-behind children in rural areas,we adopted a scientific method to further analyze the causes of this phenomenon.From the perspective of left-behind children,we should give guidance and care for their health in light of the development of contemporary society growing up.In order to further improve the accuracy of the research results,we strictly follow the research ideas of "asking questions-analyzing problems-solving problems".First of all,the relevant research literature and theoretical achievements are analyzed in depth.Then the caring and protection of left-behind children in rural areas in Gushi County are investigated and investigated to find out the situation of left-behind children in the area and to find out the existing problems.At the same time,the causes of the problems are analyzed in depth,and solutions are put forward in a targeted manner,including the implementation of management responsibilities and sound working mechanisms;the mobilization of family education vitality and communication between parents and children;the role of education as a principal part of education to guide children’s healthy and happy growth;Social forces,to create a broad pattern of care and other countermeasures and suggestions.
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