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Study On Home—based Care For The Aged Purchased By S Municipal Government In The Perspective Of Service Chain

Posted on:2019-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542490395Subject:Social security
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In 1999,China entered an aging society.Today,not only is the country’s aging population growing faster,but also its ageing population is increasing.The number of elderly people living alone,empty nests,senior citizens,semi-disability,and disability has increased dramatically.At the same time,China’s family pension function is obviously weakened.Under this background,the construction of the pension service system at the present stage of China’s government “should be based on the home,relying on the community,institutions to supplement,focusing on the actual needs of the elderly,giving priority to protecting the elderly and the elderly And new ideas for low-income seniors,solitary residents,and disabled seniors who are in need of services [1].How to protect the needs of the elderly and the disabled,the elderly with low income,the elderly living alone,and the elderly who are in difficulties with independence,especially the elderly who have been disabled or disabled can be decent and dignified.The focus of the department.In recent years,the governments of Hangzhou “Virtual Nursing Homes”,Ningbo Haishu District,Nanjing Gulou District,and Suzhou Canglang District have purchased government-sponsored retirement care services as a new type of old-age care model that has gradually entered the public’s view and has become an important solution to the current crisis caused by 2014,the City of S has introduced the government’s policies on purchasing home-based care for the elderly and actively explored and developed the government-led,socially-communicating government to purchase home-based care for the elderly to protect the elderly and disabled people with low incomes and disability.The elderly care for the elderly.At present,after the S city government purchases home-based care services through continuous development,it has achieved certain results.However,there are still many problems.In particular,there is a clear gap between the government’s purchase of home-based care services and the needs and use of elderly people.To satisfy,the contradiction that the government’s provision of services cannot be used effectively coexists,resulting in a relatively inefficient use of government funds to purchase home-based pension services.Based on the above background,this paper selects five districts(Yuhua District,Chang’an District,Xinhua District,Qiaoxi District,and Gaoxin District)in S city as theresearch object,starts from existing policies and implementation status,and uses S city government to purchase home-based retirement services.The supply and demand and usage perspectives are mainly based on “service chain” theory,supplemented by principal-agent theory,and using literature research methods,questionnaire survey methods,field research methods,interview methods,etc.,from service providers(government),The three perspectives of the service delivery party(social organization)and the service user(elderly person and family member)conducted an in-depth analysis of the supply,demand,and use of the S-city government’s purchase of home-based care for the elderly,aiming to find out how the S city government purchases home-based care services.Problems in the actual operation process,such as inadequate service design policy design;service delivery stage,service provider lack of professionalism,low service quality;service use stage,the elderly are ambiguous,etc.,to promote the healthy development And improved countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service chain theory, Government purchase, Home care service
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