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The Discussion On Plead Guilty Plea Of Procuratorial Organs

Posted on:2018-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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For a long time,China’s criminal justice circles exist many problems,such as there exsit many cases but staff are few,insufficient allocation of judicial resources,the lag of system construction and the tendency of heavy punishment.In order to improve this situation,from 2016,our country began to gradually carry out the pilot work of leniency system(prerequisite: admit guilt and admit punishment).Under the guidance of pilot work methods,work has been gradually carried out in 18 pilot cities.The implementation of any new system will face widespread problems.In the practice work of procuratorial organ at the grass-roots level,aiming at the application of leniency system(prerequisite: admit guilt and punishment),the author encountered some problems,for example,in legislation,the definition of "confession" is not clear,which leads some different understandings in judicial practice and exist many disputes,the relevant supporting system is not enough to match the implementation of leniency system(prerequisite:admit guilt and punishment)in pilot works.Aiming at the above problems,under the guidance of the thesis tutor,the author puts forward some suggestions based on his own working experience.At the legislative level,we should further clarify the concept of “confession " and “punishment",further improve the lawyer’s duty system,take more importance on reforming the execution mode of compulsory measures for bail,open the procedures of the tiral sentencing,and let procuratorial organs dominate 1procedure and expand the scope of non prosecution,etc.With expectaion that the leniency system(prerequisite: admit confession and punishment)can get a better implemention.
Keywords/Search Tags:Plead guilty, procuratorial organ, practice
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