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The Practice Dilemma And The Way Out Of The System Of Commutation And Parole In China And The Construction Of The System Of Credit Reduction

Posted on:2018-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Commutation and parole are two main ways of criminal execution change at present in China.This thesis analyzes the general situation of commutation and parole in our country’s practice,analyzes the problems existing in the system of commutation and parole in our country,explores and summarizes the deep-seated reasons for the lack of protection of prisoners’ and victims’ rights,and put forward targeted countermeasures.On the one hand,learning from the foreign credit commutation system and the adversary system,in the meantime taking into consideration of China’s actual situation,this thesis makes a major amendment to the perpetrators,supervisors and judges in commutation and parole.On the other hand,this thesis argues that any litigation activities must be the participation of interested parties.Therefore,the victim and prisoner as a direct relationship between crime and punishment are the main body of commutation and parole proceedings.It is essential to protect the rights of prisoners,to ensure the victim’s emotional comfort and reach a mutual understanding between the two sides of the crime.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commutation, Parole, Credit Commutation, Adversary System
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