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Study On Liability System Of Compensation For Online Car-hailing Damage

Posted on:2019-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the concept of Shared economy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,car-hailing has developed rapidly,with smart phones,mobile network and car rental mode about car application software for all media gradually popular,as a new mode of passenger business model,the car-hailing has many incomparable advantages of traditional taxi opened a new era of passenger transport.But because the car-hailing market is in its infancy,industry standard is not perfect enough,the legal regulation is also relatively lags behind,the lack of legislation and regulation in the market,the problems exposed more and more consumers' legal rights and interests protected,the solution of the corresponding civil disputes become difficult,which is a barrier to its further development,also to the judicial efficiency and justice challenges.At present our country scholars study of car-hailing mostly confined to the regulatory and administrative measures,etc.,for the specific damage compensation liability system,research is relatively shallow,but the problem is the key to justice,is likely to become the bottleneck of restricting the judicial practice,in order to guarantee judicial justice,scientific and reasonable solve the problem of car-hailing damages,study and perfect our country car-hailing damage compensation liability system is particularly important.This paper includes the following four parts:The first part is the introduction,from three aspects,this paper expounds the constructing car-hailing damage compensation liability system of era background and research significance,research status at home and abroad,complete the dissertation adopts the research methods,the innovation of the.The second part is about basic overview about the car-hailing,first defined the concept and operation mode of car-hailing;Secondly illustrates the n status of development of the car-hailing and the rapid development of the reason,finally,this paper expounds the current state and local legislation.The third part is the problems of car-hailing damages existing in the system construction,respectively from the network tort liability subject about car-hailing cognizance question,the allocation of liability for damages,as well as the insurance liability problem is analyzed fromthe three.Fourth part in view of car-hailing damage compensation liability system existing problems,and puts forward concrete suggestions of building this system.first of all,we need to stick to the principle of overview,followed by suggestions to consummate the network tort responsibility main body of rules about car distribution system,improve the network about car-hailing damage compensation liability,building network system of special about car-hailing insurance claims.Although network about car-hailing damage compensation dispute continuously,the trial and responsibility that there are many problems,but just like traditional taxi model,only fill the blank of the legislation,strengthen the supervision,strengthen self-discipline,and standardize the management,to car-hailing model can healthy and orderly development.
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