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The Study On Sino-indian Relations Under The Perspective Of Geopolitics

Posted on:2018-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Z CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542956449Subject:International relations
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Relations between China and India is one of the most important and complex bilateral relations in Asia and the Indian Ocean region,which including the common strategic interests based on similar historic situation,and there also exists fragile features of geopolitical competition between these two countries.As the rise of Indian Ocean' s strategic position and the development of China and India,the competition between those two countries has gradually covered the common interests of both.What' smore,outside forces begin to invest much more attention and capital in order to put India into their own interest system.Coupled with the rise of India itself will also have an effect on the whole of China's geopolitical environment.Therefore,studying the current situation of the two countries under the perspective of geopolitics,stating China and India's mutual geographic value,analyzing the effected problems in the development of bilateral relations,putting forward China' s countermeasures and suggestions of developing Sino-Indian relations,those will have a great of realistic significance.The whole paper has mainly been divided into the following five parts:the first part is the introduction,mainly explains the basis and significance of the research,the research status in China and abroad,the definition and theoretical basis of concepts and research methods.The second part mainly discusses the geopolitical value of each country.Expounding the important significance of China and India cooperation in geopolitics.The third part is focus on the development of Sino-Indian relations under the perspective of geopolitics,which has some new changes in Sino-Indian relations since 2000,including the strategic structural contradiction existing between China and India,boundary problem and military relations need to face and solve.Since China and India have built the diplomatic relations in April 1950,the development of Sino-Indian relations went through four stages;friendly,low tide,thawing and warming;especially after "9 11'',the development of bilateral relations has been facing new opportunities and challenges,strategic structural contradictions,borders and military relations are still plagued by these problems.The fourth part mainly analyzes the geopolitical factors that affect Sino-Indian relations.From several aspects to illustrate how geopolitical factors affect Sino-Indian relations.The fifth part clarifies the geopolitical perspective of China's major in responding to the effect from political,economic and cultural.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sino-Indian relations, Geopolitical, strategic cooperative, strategic competition
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