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The Research Of Professional Judge Conference System Under The Background Of Judicial Responsibility System

Posted on:2018-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The reform of judicial responsibility reform requires the implementation of "let the adjudicator be responsible for the referee",return the jurisdiction to the judge and Collegiate bench.Most courts across the country have begun to explore the establishment of professional judge conference system,the purpose is making the professional judge conference system a professional and independent case discussion mechanism in the court,to coordinate the judge independence,weaken the jurisdiction administrative interference in operation,and improve the value of judicial system.Public opinion is more positive about it,but in terms of the system design,the function is still not clear,the core bill is weakened,the discussion rules are biased,and the discussion of case facts leads to the discussion of the quality of the cases.From the program,there is still the problem of program running and formalized color.Optimization system of professional judge meeting should be in the face of challenge positivly,re-examine the value orientation,reconstruct the rules to judge the meeting system,improve the judge the professionalism of the conference system,for the sole judge as well as the system of the collegial panel do provide strong and intellectual support.This court's professional judge in Y city meeting work rules text,in the form of a table to summarize the operation mode of professional judges in the judicial practice meeting,at the same time,according to the number of professional judge meeting,discussion and case number,hold its voting discuss case quantity,discussions,case of probability and data analysis,clarify the professional judge meeting and voting,the presiding judge in final checks on the boundaries between the joint,to a certain extent all the function orientation and rules will be unified to the essential target of "unification" to ensure that the referee scale.To solve the problem in the judicial practice of professional judges encounters the bottleneck of conference system,the author suggested that using the experience of American,Europe and other countries of the system,be perfected from the following several aspects: firstly,clear the content of the meeting to discuss scope;.secondly,Standardize the operation procedure;thirdly,Transformation and application of the opinion of the judge meeting;The scientific operation of the judicial committee system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional judge conference system, The value function, Institutional reconstruction
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