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A Survey Of Satisfaction Of Rural Public Service In Hunan

Posted on:2018-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Chinese is an agricultural country.Hunan province is a major agricultural province,since ancient times,"Huguang cooked,the world is enough".The problem of "agriculture,countryside and farmers" has always been focused the attention of our society.The key to the problem of "agriculture,countryside and farmers" is the farmers' satisfaction in public services.The adjustment of rural public service structure and enhance the satisfaction of public services in rural areas,need to have the appropriate grasp of public services in rural areas,only through the research content of rural public service and satisfaction to the reality show,the rural public service has a certain grasp.To improve the satisfaction of rural public service is also an inevitable way to build a socialist harmonious society and an important measure.The analysis of the satisfaction of rural public service in Hunan province has certain practical significance.Firstly,this paper defines the concept of public service in rural areas,and divides it into living public service,productive public service and Welfare Public service.Theoretical evaluation of the new public service theory,government society relationship theory and government performance based on supply and demand situation,100 towns in Hunan province to carry out a survey of the satisfaction of public services in rural areas.A questionnaire survey for the residents of the township government and civil servants,investigated the residents satisfaction of rural public services have been provided,the survey of rural public services should be provided and has provided to the township government public service.Statistics show that rural residents in Hunan Province,the rural public service satisfaction level with the top five are:road traffic,water conservancy,social insurance,medical services and agricultural service station;in the bottom five are:agricultural disaster prevention,improve the ecological environment,agricultural income,agricultural insurance and recreational and sports facilities;three categories public service satisfaction level is the highest life of public service,the lowest for the welfare of public service;the first row of Hunan province rural public service supply and demand frequency for farmland water conservancy;three kinds of public service supply and demand the highest frequency for the production of public service,the lowest is the public welfare service.According to the survey,the satisfaction level of public services in rural areas in Hunan province rural public service supply shortage and unbalanced structure,low efficiency of the supply of rural public service and rural public service satisfaction is low problem,this paper puts forward countermeasures and suggestions from the aspects of promoting economic development,improve the financial system,improve the public service supply mechanism,model and talent team the construction of several.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public service, Supply and demand situation, Satisfaction level
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