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Study On The Causes And Preventive Measures Of Forestry Criminal Cases In Heyuan Take As An Example

Posted on:2018-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542970341Subject:Agricultural Science and Technology Organization and services
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The twenty-first Century is the century of ecological civilization,the protection of forest resources and the rational development and utilization has become the contemporary countries can not be ignored in economic construction on the one hand,protection,restoration and development of forest resources,is the urgent requirement of the sustainable development of human society.Heyuan is a forestry city in Guangdong Province,and there is a Guangdong’s largest freshwater lake-Wan Lv Lake,along with the economic development of Heyuan,how to protect forest resources,strengthening forestry criminal law enforcement,has become a key problem of ecological environment construction in Heyuan,is also an important measure to promote administrative according to law.This study is the combination of theory and practice,mainly for criminal law enforcement of forestry in Heyuan,citing the cost and benefits theory,human capital theory and the theory of sustainable development based on the current laws and regulations,forestry and forestry policies,rules and regulations as the basis,applied research,literature review,in-depth research,comparative analysis,case analysis and other methods of Heyuan during 2007-2016 forestry criminal case investigation survey and analysis.From the following several aspects: the first is to obtain statistical data through research and comprehensive introduction to the history and current situation of forestry criminal cases in Heyuan;the second is proposed in Heyuan,some problems exist such as forestry criminal law enforcement,in the practical work of the law enforcement,the interference,the relevant laws and regulations lag,weak management so,citing causes cost and income theory,human capital theory analysis of these problems;the third aimed at these problems put forward corresponding measures and countermeasures,fixed in the form of the laws and regulations,through the force of the country to ensure the implementation of forestry,improve the criminal legal management level,promote the development of China’s forestry the construction of the.This is the first study on the comprehensive and systematic study of the forestry criminal cases,and is the first time in history of forestry criminal law enforcement in Heyuan,not only conducive to promoting the reform of the forest public security management system,improve the management level of forestry criminal legal system,but also conducive to promoting the reform of the current forestry team management system,promote forestry legal system construction in China the process will be to reduce thecriminal cases in Heyuan forestry,forest resource protection has important significance,and will provide the basis for the research of forestry criminal cases,Heyuan to further promote the forestry criminal law enforcement work has a certain reference value.
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