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A Study On The Employment Problem Of Rural Disabled People In Heyuan City

Posted on:2018-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542970344Subject:Agricultural Science and Technology Organization and services
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In recent years,the community is increasingly concerned about the special groups of people with disabilities,the Government in order to develop the cause of the disabled,more money into which many people with disabilities want to change their status quo through their own efforts in society and others Participate in labor,so that their quality of life has been improved.However,because the disabled in the psychological,physical and normal people are different,and because of the limitations of the level of social development,they are in the process of employment will inevitably be a lot of exclusion,resulting in difficult life.Compared to urban and rural areas,rural people with disabilities are in a weak position,their poor living standards,life is more difficult and difficult.Therefore,the study of the employment of rural disabled people can not only improve the living conditions of rural disabled persons and their families,but also improve the social status of rural disabled people,so as to maintain social stability and harmony.At the same time,it also has important significance for the government to perfect the rural employment policy and to enrich the theoretical research results.This article first elaborates the significance,background,train of thought and current situation of research on rural disabled people.Then introduce the related concepts and theoretical basis,social exclusion theory is the theoretical basis of this study.Based on the employment situation of rural disabled persons in Heyuan City,this paper finds the problems of rural disabled people in Heyuan City from the perspective of social exclusion.The article also analyzes the reasons that affect the employment of rural disabled people by the theory of social exclusion,and points out many factors such as the policy guarantee,the social structure inequality and the defects of the rural disabled people’s employment in Heyuan city.At the same time,the author analyzes the case of employment of rural disabled persons in Bai Bu Town,Zijin County,and summarizes relevant experience.Finally,according to the present situation of rural disabled employment in Heyuan City,it proposes to promote the effective implementation of relevant laws and regulations;Fulfill the government’s duties and obligations,optimize the social environment of rural disabled employment,guide social forces to promote the employment of rural disabled people,and promote the employment of disabled rural people in five measures to promote theemployment of rural disabled people.Based on the investigation and study of the employment situation of rural disabled people in Heyuan City,this paper analyzes the current situation of rural disabled employment in Heyuan City by means of research methods such as literature research and field investigation,and explores the problems in the development process,So as to sum up some common problems faced by rural people with disabilities employment,on this basis to analyze the reasons for its formation,and put forward effective measures to suggest.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural people with disabilities, Employment, Social exclusion, HeYuan City
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