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A Research Of The Legal System Of Grain Security In China Under The Background Of New Urbanization

Posted on:2018-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330542971034Subject:Marxist Jurisprudence
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Urbanization is one of the core propositions in the process of China's modernization and economic growth.It is the process of the development of industry and service industry.It is the process of peasants entering the city and the process of land use change.The main features of the new urbanization are the unified planning of urban and rural areas,the integration of urban and rural areas,the integration of industrial exchanges,conservation and ecological livability and other state,to reconcile the various types of cities,towns and new rural community development,common Promote social progress.Food security is a country,a nation's normal development and continuity must be concerned about the new issues,food security and urbanization development are closely linked.Food security is the basis and prerequisite for the new urbanization in China,but urbanization has dual meanings for food security: the process of urbanization will inevitably lead to the reduction of cultivated land,the transfer of high-quality labor force to the cities and the increase of state finance Urban development,but the advantages of urbanization in land consolidation will make the land resources to be rational use,the reduction of rural population is also conducive to the scale of food management,urban economic development will provide financial support for food security.The background of this paper is set in the context of "new urbanization",and the new urbanization is the biggest challenge to food security.It is nothing more than land resources,human resources and financial support.This paper first discusses the current situation and existing problems of the legal system of grain security in China.Thirdly,it discusses the current situation and the reference of the legal system of grain security in foreign countries.Some Suggestions on Perfecting the Legal System of Grain Security in China.This paper focuses on the legal system of cultivated land protection under the new urbanization,emphasizing that it must hold the bottom line of the red line of cultivated land and clarify it in the form of law.It is necessary to construct a legal support system for migrant workers to return to business in the context of urbanization in order to ensure the adequacy of human resources in the context of urbanization,and to stimulate the enthusiasm of migrant workers to return to food production.In the aspect of capital,this paper analyzes the impact of urban subsidies on the national public finance,and explains the impact of agricultural subsidies on food security.China's agricultural subsidies have huge operational space in food security and should be used by us for the experience of developed countries.
Keywords/Search Tags:New urbanization, food security, arable land protection, human resources, agricultural subsidies
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