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Research On The Development Of Charity Aid Coupling With Medical Aid

Posted on:2018-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,our country puts forward the goal of ruling by law and modernizing social governance.Under this background,medical aid,as one of the basic problems to protect people’s livelihood,has aroused widely attention.Charity aid,as a complement to medical aid,is assumed to play a more active role,for the medical aid provided by the state cannot fully satisfy the current medical needs of the population.In 2015,the Ministry of Civil Affairs,the Ministry of Finance and other departments issued Notice on the Further Improvement of the Medical Assistant System and Major Diseases Medical Aid Salvage jointly,which pointed out that "strengthen the philanthropy and orderly interface,to achieve effective and benign interaction of the government assistance and social forces.In order to measure the relationship between charity aid and medical aid quantitatively,and to find out the main factors restricting their cohesion,this paper establishes a coupling development model,and conducts an empirical test using the relevant data of Jiangsu Province.Based on the theory of market failure and government failure,welfare pluralism theory and system theory,this paper constructs a coupling model of charity aid and medical aid by combining the existing research results at home and abroad using literature research method and statistical analysis method.The coupling model divides the charity rescue sub-system and the medical rescue sub-system,and discusses the influence of each factor on the coupling system through the establishment of financing ability,salvage ability,operation ability,salvage level,coverage and development level.Based on the data of Jiangsu Province,which is well-developed in medical aid work,this paper evaluates the current situation of charity salvation and medical aid of the province by calculating the scores of each subsystem,i.e.the composite score,the coupling degree and the coordination degree.The result shows that the pace of development of the charity aid in Jiangsu province had increased remarkably in 2011-2014,but the pace of medical aid development was slow in the same period.The composite score of charity aid and medical aid showed a complementary trend;the coupling degree of the two was between the infancy stage and the growth stage,which indicates the coupling system is in well development.Finally,based on the empirical results,this paper puts forward some suggestions to promote the development of charity aid and medical aid.
Keywords/Search Tags:Charity aid, Medical aid, Social organization, Coupling model
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