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Grassroots Social Governance Perspectives Of Non-public Party Construction Problems And Countermeasures Research

Posted on:2017-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330542985750Subject:Public administration
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The non-public enterprises is an important field of the grass-roots party building,is an important to participate in the power of social governance.With the rapid development of the non-public economic organizations,and actively explore the new situation to carry out the method and the way to the non-public enterprises party construction,improve the party construction of non-public scientific level,promote the healthy development of the enterprise,close party-masses relations,social harmony,as grassroots social governance horizon in one of the important subjects worth studying and exploring.Since the establishment of the suzhou high-tech industrial development zone from continuous development could lead to a faster pace,and has become a very strong competitive power of innovative city.The development of their own development is in large part to the influence of the non-public sectors of the economy,as our country is trying to set up of the first batch of development zone.The development of the development zone has been working hard,also very attention to the implementation of the party construction at the same time,in fact,the work of the implementation of really has a big influence on its development.With the continuous development of its own,gradually expanding demand,some problems reflected in the system is more and more serious,has become a must to solve a problem,if the system problems can be solved effectively,not only can promote development of their own development,to improve the level of grassroots social management is also very beneficial.This paper takes suzhou high-tech industrial development zone the non-public enterprises party construction as the research object,using the theory of public management,to the non-public enterprise party construction work carried out by an in-depth research,find the some problems faced by carrying out the work,and carries on the thorough analysis to solve these problems,to explore the coping strategies.Helps to improve the grass-roots party construction work management level and social level of management,the construction of a harmonious society,and the region at the primary level of policy formulation,planning,implementation has a certain reference significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social governance, the non-public enterprises, party building, suzhou high-tech industrial development zone
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