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A Study On The Government Affair Opening At The Grass-roots Governments

Posted on:2019-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330545955793Subject:Public Management
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Being open and transparent is the basic feature of a legal system government.With the development of socialist modernization in China,the concept of democracy and legal sense is going deep into people’s heart,and the public no longer passively accepts a series of public policies formulated and implemented by the government.The opening of government affairs to the public is an important part of socialist democracy,it has great significance in promoting the construction of socialist democracy and building a socialist country ruled by law.It also can promote the improvement of government management system and the way of reform,and enhance the government’s capability and the level of services.The Grass-roots government departments of district or county level play a crucial role in the process of promoting the government affair opening.On the one hand,the grass-roots government is the implementer of the policy,who implements the policies of central and provincial governments.On the other hand,the grass-roots government is the policy maker,who needs to formulate practical policies to manage many fields within its jurisdiction,such as politics,economics,social affairs and so on.Therefore,how the grass-roots government affair opening is done will directly affects people’s sense of acquisition.Changping District is located in the north-west of Beijing,which covers an area of 1.343 square kilometers with permanent population of 1.96 million.It is an important new district and a new town in the capital Beijing.In order to form a demonstration effect and provide a reference for other grass-roots governments in carrying out public affairs,this paper takes Changping District as an example.It studies the problems existing in the opening of grass-roots government affairs and puts forward some solutions and proposals.
Keywords/Search Tags:The grass-roots government, Government affair opening, The Changping District of Beijing
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