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Research On The Copyright Protection Of Online Game Live Video

Posted on:2019-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330545983153Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Online games live video refers to the video that the player plays the video,sound,and the player’s own operation and explanation process through the live broadcast to other people in the process of running the online game.Online games live video is different from similar works and has the following characteristics: interactivity,diversity,authenticity,and immediacy.Because the online game live video is different from other works,the legal nature of online live video is not clear.At present,China’s copyright system does not incorporate online game live video into the existing legal system.As far as the current status of online video protection in China is concerned,under the current framework of the copyright law,although there is no copyright object that can directly incorporate online video,it can be seen through the judicial practice that film works and film-like works Live video is similar to online games.Before the introduction of the new Copyright Law,it is more appropriate to protect it as a movie work and a film-like work in the current judicial practice.As developed and mature game markets,the United States,Japan,and the Korea are worthy of studying and understanding their experiences in live video games,and their lessons in legislation and judicial practice are also worthy of our country’s legal practice.The copyright laws of various countries in the world are nothing more than two modes.One is to protect the original and the other focuses on incentive innovation.Each country will select one of the models as a key point according to its own social conditions,copyright protection status,and national development goals.This will also affect the trend of its legislation or court judgment.For the emerging industry of online video streaming,the legislative trends and judicial practices in various countries are closely related to the prosperity of the industry in the country.In order to better curb the occurrence of online video infringements of online games,the following measures should be taken: Firstly,the category of live video works in online games should be clarified;secondly,legislation should confirm the rights of all players in live games.
Keywords/Search Tags:Online games video, Live, Audiovisual works, Copyright protection
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