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Research On Democratic Financial Management Of Village Autonomy

Posted on:2019-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L T LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330545985004Subject:Public Administration
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The rural-democratic autonomy system is implemented in the rural areas of China,and the villager committees elected by villagers are exercising their management functions.How to restrict Village Cadres' behavior and let villager committees safeguard villagers' rights and interests is a difficult point of rural governance.Excessive reliance on the administrative supervision of higher government is contrary to the basic principles of democratic autonomy in rural areas,and there is a regulatory risk of asymmetric information.It is necessary to construct the institutional mechanism of self-supervision,self restraint and self governance in rural areas.The rural financial supervision is an important part of the villagers' supervision.The financial personnel democratically elected by villagers supervise the village economy comprehensively,ensure the fairness and transparency of the village economic behavior,and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of the villagers,which is the original intention of the rural democratic financial management system.But in fact,there are still many problems in the implementation of the system in rural areas.In recent years,the problem of village financial letters and visits continues,on the one hand,because of the lack of supervision of village financial behavior by township government,on the other hand,because of the failure of the villager supervision mechanism.Compared with the lack of supervision in the township government,democratic financial management is of great significance under the premise of democratic autonomy at the grass-roots level.The problem of village democratic financial management is complicated,involving the design of democratic financial management system,the foundation of rural democratic politics and the election of democratic financial personnel,working mechanism,remuneration,cultural psychology and many other factors.This paper,starting with the status of village democratic financial management in L.Town,analyzes these factors through interviews,questionnaire survey,case study and so on,and then puts forward the solution,establishes the village democratic financial management mechanism,and improves the democratic autonomy system in rural areas.From the results of the study,in the current rural areas,because of the lack of democratic consciousness and democratic ability of the villagers,the democratic political basis is still relatively weak,which seriously restrict the effective operation of the village democratic financial management system.The enhancement of democratic consciousness and democratic capability requires a long-term process.This requires that in the short term,the village democratic financial management system should be designed to adapt to such a democratic political basis,and the government should strengthen the guidance and management of the village democratic financial management.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural area, democratic, autonomy, finance, supervision
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