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Research On Selfidentity Reconstruction Of Disaster Stricken Masses

Posted on:2019-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330563454747Subject:Marxist theory
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The great Wenchuan earthquake is one of the major natural disasters since the founding of new China.It had a serious impact on most parts of China,especially in the earthquake stricken area,so the task of post disaster reconstruction was extremely arduous.Self identification and reconstruction is an important part of the reconstruction of the spiritual homes of the people in the disaster area.Taking people in Wenchuan earthquake disaster area as an example,using qualitative research methods to explore the self identity crisis situation,and the impact of disaster self identification of deep-seated reasons after the major natural disasters,the result of reconstruction is that,the victims suffered serious psychological trauma,with the mutation of the living environment,property damage,lost relatives,they experienced widespread panic and great sadness,lasting psychological anxiety and other conditions,which leads to crisis of self-identity.The self identity crisis,including self loss,self integration,self actualization and so on,but the severity of the crisis was different among everyone.After ten years of reconstruction,the people in the disaster area basically have gotten rid of the crisis of self identity crisis,rebulit a stabable spiritual home.The positive factors of self identity reconstruction of people indisaster areas includes,social support is external factors,interpersonal relationship is internal factors,self regulation is the mediating factors,but in the disaster period,the transition period,the resettlement period the three factors respectively played different roles on the sense of security,a sense of belonging self reconstruction reconstruction and reconstruction of self-esteem.Because of the impact of disaster victims and subject consciousness,contrast effect,interpersonal disorders and other negative factors,so they experienced the process of self reconstruction through the spiral of "sense of belonging-sense of belonging-self esteem and self-confidence",in order to achieve the highest state of self identity reconstruction,namely self realization.The experience and model of self identification and reconstruction of the people in the earthquake stricken areas in Wenchuan can be reference for other disaster stricken people to rebuild their spiritual home.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Wenchuan earthquake, the people in the disaster area, self identification, qualitative research
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