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First Probe Into Social Security Comprehensive Management Model Of Police Stations Directly Under The Beijing Public Security Bureau

Posted on:2017-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330566456439Subject:Public administration
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Currently,areas with social security complexity mainly represented by urban?rural fringe zones and villages in the city have become an important factor affecting social stability and the economical and social healthy development,this situation is particularly prominent in capital Beijing and has caused great concern of the CPC Central Committee and relevant government agencies.Since September 2014,in order to solve this serious public security problem,under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee,the Beijing Municipal government and the Ministry of Public Security,Beijing Public Security Bureau broke conventions,strengthened leadership,deployed police,established institutions,actively exploring the new model of special management,that is establishing police stations directly under the Municipal Public Security Bureau and community police stations directly under the Municipal Public Security Bureau as an important complement.By this,there is obvious improvement of security situation in some regions,traffic,security and environmental problems have been alleviated,there is also a substantial decline in criminal and public order cases,thus greatly enhanced the ability of capital's public security organs in the management and control over social areas with security complexity and promoted the work of capital social?security management to a new stage.However,the management model of police stations directly under the Municipal Public Security Bureau is essentially still a kind of special management of the public security organs alone,not forming a comprehensive management force along with the party committee,government and relevant government departments.This circumstance largely led to the insufficient control over security problems induced by the deep?seated factors,short?term effects of management and frequent recurrent of social?security persistent ailment.The writer believes,as the main responsible administration department in social?security management,the Beijing public security organs should conscientiously sum up management experiences and lessons of police stations directly under the Municipal Public Security Bureau in areas with social security complexity,fully play the administration advantages and management advantages with Chinese characteristics relying on party committee and government departments,actively alter the special treatment model by the public?security organs alone,promote the formation of comprehensive management model featuring the unified leadership of party and government departments,coordination by public security departments and joint participation and joint management of comprehensive management from urban?management agency,health sector,industry and commerce,taxation,community,transportation and other departments.
Keywords/Search Tags:police stations directly under the Municipal Public Security Bureau, areas with social security complexity, special management, comprehensive management
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